Theremin workshop & concerts

Prague Shakuhachi Festival
Japanese and contemporary music
23-27 August, Prague

Pameli Kurstin - 23-27 August 2013, Prague

Practical questions

“Needed” Skills

The workshop will basically divided in to two groups.
First will be for so called “Beginners“; those who never or rarely played Theremin and are just interested or would like to dive in and Advanced (profesionals).

Beginners will learn basic skills, such basic stance, basic hand moves. They will be guided through be none then else than Pamelia Kurstin it self. Part of the workshop will also be a electro acoustic session where they will be shown how to enhance the voice by additional filters, synthesizers and so on.
A common question is… Do I need to read scales? No you do not have to but it is grate advantage. Again, don’t worry you really do not need to know read scales.

Advanced (Professionals) will improve their skills and be shown Pamelias secret tricks ;)
They will study a selected musical composition and practise guided by Pamelia to the absolute perfection. Same as beginners they will be shown how to enhance the Theremins sound by filters and synthesizers.

Everyone will be given the personal guidance based on his/her abilities.

Beginners will be learning

  • how to calibrate their instruments (adjusting it to their body and the space they are playing in)
  • how to customize the voice of their instrument
  • exercises for developing muscle memory and ear training

Intermediate/advanced students will learn

  • exercises for improving staccato and legato
  • alternative techniques for aerial fingering (there is NO WRONG TECHNIQUE as long as it does not harm your hands/joints. the ultimate goal is to be able to execute exactly the music as you intend it so sound!)
  • exercises for executing difficult interval jumps

All students will get

Personal instruction/help on a piece of repertoire (or song) of their choice that they would like to improve on as well as help with working with effects pedals.
Will play on student concert. Either solo performance or with other students or with Pamelia Kurstin.

Workshop prerequisites

If you do not have any equipment already, don’t worry. Just let us know beforehand and we will lend you everything you need, with no special expenses!
Mediaport is really kind to us and they lend us anything we need plus we have our sources.
If you like some toys you can buy them with 10% sale.

(Ideally bring your own musical instruments. Theremin, stomp boxes, cables, speakers, amplifiers.. what ever you are used to.)


What if I don’t have a Theremin?

If you want to try Theremin but have none of yours no problem. We will lend you brand new Theremin. You can play on it as low or high you like, no restrictions.


see on Google maps
Our studio:


The best place is always the friends place.. I you do not know anybody in Prague there are plenty commercial possibilities.

The list of places to stay in the vicinity of HAMU, the festival venue

We have prepared for you a selection of suitable places to stay. We are aware that everyone may have various needs and demand different standard of accommodation. Therefore, our selection covers the entire range from budget-friendly hostels to five star hotels. One of the most important factors why have we selected a hotel is short distance from the festival venue. Some of the hotels offer various discounts for the ESF participants. We encourage you to make the reservations yourself, but in case you need some assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

100 CZK = aprox. 4 EUR


Due to the fact that Malá Strana is a very popular Prague district, you won’t find many hostels here. The ones we have managed to find are not closer than 650 meters from the venue. Never the less, they are close to tram stops and they are not further than three stops away from the venue.


1. Hostel Sokol

Nosticova 2,

During the time of the ESF they have 5 double-rooms available for 900 CZK/night. They also offer rooms with 7 or 14 beds charging 350 CZK per night per bed. If you make on-line reservation long time in advance they can arrange that shakuhachi players all stay in one big room. Due to the low price they do not offer any further discounts.

Hostel is located on the third floor, its environment reflects the low prices, it has the dorm/backpacking atmosphere. However, the place looked nice and clean. It is open non-stop.

Distance from HAMU is 650 m, cca 8 minutes walk, or, 200 meters from the hostel is tram-stop, Hellichova, where you can take tram 12 and 22 which will take you to Malonstranské náměstí in 2 minutes.


2. Hostel from the Travelers network

U Lanové Dráhy 3,

It opens with the beginning of Summer, so we could only use the information we have found on the internet. No discount will probably be available. On the other hand, if what they say on the internet is true, they offer ultra-cheap stay for 199 CZK/night/bed and the seventh night is free. Apparently, on-line reservations are possible already.

Regarding the distance, it is 2 minutes to the tram stop Hellichova and the another two minutes to Malostranské náměstí, the walking distance is 750 m or 9 minutes.


3. Hostel Arnošta

Voršilská 1,

Again, it opens in Summer, but apparently reservations can be made already. The price range start from 365 CZK/night/bed and goes to 399 CZK/night/bed in a double-room. The hostel is located by the National Theatre on the other side of the river, close to a tram-stop. Tram 22 takes you to Malostranské náměstí in 6 minutes. In the worst-case scenario the travel won’t take more than 21 minutes (including the waiting time).


4. Hostel Ostrov from the Travellers network

Střelecký ostrov,

Same conditions as No.2, but little more expensive – 200 CZK/night/bed; the seventh night is for free. To the tram stop Újezd, it is a five-minute walk. Then take tram 22. The travel cannot take more than 20 minutes.


5. Should it be really, really bad with the lodging there is also one theoretical possibility for individuals of adventurous nature – Hostel Spus Strahov

Studentský Pražský Ubytovací Servis, s.r.o. – Hostel Spus Strahov

It offers accommodation in single to triple-rooms with shared facilities. Open 01.07. – 20.08. only. (doesn’t work at the moment)

Address: Chaloupeckého 1914/9, 169 00  Praha-Břevnov (Blok č. 4)

The hostel is situated in the romantic place of concrete college dormitory with the genuine air of Real Socialism. Staying here promises strong dose of authentic experience from the time when people would sit down to a soup of boiled radiators. Although the address looks frightening, the place is not more than five minutes from the top station of the Petřín Lift which will take you downhill to Újezd tram-stop where you can take tram 12 or 22 to Malostranské náměstí. The entire journey won’t take more than 25 minutes including waiting for a connection.


Hotels ***

There are no two-star hotels in the vicinity of HAMU. However, there is a couple of three-star hotels. All are vacant in term of the ESF and all claim that you should not wait with reservations.


Aureus Clavis

Nerudova 27,

They have vacancies during the time of the Festival. Prices are 65 euro for single-bed and 85 euro for double-bed. They are willing to give a discount only when there would be more participants willing to stay with them. The hotel’s environment suits its three-star status, it is rather modern than historical, looks nice, the staff seems kind and aproachable. The hotel lies 350 meters from HAMU, i.e. a three-minute walk.


Castle Steps

Nerudova 7,

It is one of the those typical places – an isolator for English-speaking and American-minded tourists who wish to remain in their language and cultural environment even during their time in Prague. For those looking for international standard an ideal choice. It offers a wide range of lodging types from a room with a shared bathroom and toilet for 50 euro, a room with its own bathroom and toilet for 79 euro, to apartments for 132 and 144 euro per night. Tasteful historizing interior. It is possible to call them for free, see the website. 210 meters and a two-minute walk to HAMU.


Kampa Garden

U Sovových mlýnů 9,

It is a bit more distant from the venue – 600 meters. But, in exchange you get very nice and quiet hotel in style of 1920s. During term of the ESF they offer single-bed room for 60 euro, double for 85 and a better room for 95 euro per night. They advise booking two months in advance. Discount should be negotiable with their sales manager if more than five people wish to stay. The man at desk estimated the discount to be 10 percent.


Hotel William

Hellichova 5,

Just like Hotel Kampa Garden is 6 minutes away or 550 meters away from HAMU. Unlike Kampa Garden, it is located right at the tram-stop Hellichova, so with a bit of luck it can take only two minutes to get to HAMU. They have vacancies, costs around 80 euro. If more ESF participants will choose to stay there, they can get their special offer which is 15 percent reduction. Style of the hotel is aimed at people who delight in fairy-tale like wall paintings and rococo style interior.


Hotels of the higher standard


U černého orla ****

Mostecká 11,

During the term of ESF they should have 6 out of 12 rooms available, costing 87 or 95 euro per night (more expensive ones have windows facing the Prague Castle). Discount for participants is possible, they offer 20 percent. The environment is very stylish and the rooms look classy. Distance from the venue is very short – 250 meters, a three-minute walk.


U tří čápů *****

Tomášská 20,

They have vacancies, single and double rooms. Prices around 100 euro. They also mention 20 percent discount which should be negotiated with their reservations office. The hotel has modern, boutique-style environment. Distance from HAMU is ok – 300 meters, a four-minute walk to HAMU.